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It's kid's stuff, I know. I learned the above trick when I was still a very young boy. Almost all of my neighbors knew the trick. I was thinking of sharing the trick with the rest of the world. The price that I was thinking to place is USD 3.99, which is almost like giving it for free. However I am a little bit pessimistic. My right brain said I can sell this trick but the other brain did not agree.

I am not sure whether there is a market for it. In other words, is there anybody out there willing to buy it. Since I am not very confidence about the demand, I do not intend on learning online business. At least, not yet. Therefore, the method of payment, such as Paypal or whatever, is still yet to be detailed. I do need feedback. Please advice by leaving comments, such as, 'go for it', 'forget it', 'stupid trick', 'sell it for 99 cents' or whatever.


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